We translate and verify our translation from Thai to English and from English to Thai according to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and U.S. Embassy standard. Documents included but not limited to: birth certificate, marriage and divorce certificate, death certificate, name change certificate, national identity card (bat prachachon) and house registration (tabian bahn) regular rate is $25 per page.
We also translate other documentation including letters, court documents and premarital agreement at a higher rate per page. Our translations are accepted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and other governmental agencies such as the United States Embassy and Labor Department.

There are times that you may need to submit an affidavit to a governmental official, a consular or an immigration officer. (An affidavit is a written declaration upon oath made before an authorized official, i.e. a notary public). We offer this service to put your letter or words into an affidavit context and notarize it for you. Ms. Totari is a notary public of the state of California.

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